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Self drill anchors are effective in a variety of ground conditions


Sinorock’s self drilling anchor bolt components create an in-situ reinforcement system for the stabilization of excavations and slopes during top-down construction.

The Sinorock self drilling anchor system offers a technically advanced and extremely cost effective alternative to other anchoring systems and is backed by many years of engineering experience.We are very much conscious about the quality of our offered self drilling anchor system. Our constant activities have infused a spectral pace in the domain of sustainer of quality standards. Our belief that quality and
client satisfaction are directly proportional to each other has enabled us to strongly enforce stringent quality control measures in our manufacturing procedures.

Self drilling anchors are suitable for a variety of ground conditions including clay, sands and gravels, made ground and weathered rock. They can be installed through existing footings and base slabs.

Self drill anchors are effective in a variety of ground conditions, including gravel, clay, rock, sand and made ground. This method of mini piling is used in a wide range of projects including rail related work and foundation upgrades, stabilisation and underpinning as well as facade retention, tension piles, road works and bridge works.

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